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Dinastia Yoo

Dinastia Yoo


SIPALKI-DO is a Martial Art dating back over 4300 yrs coming from the beginning of the open hand and meditation styles from the Buddhist Monks Shaolin Temples and followed by the old dynasty of the Grand Master SOO NAM YOO 10th. Dan World Federation President.

It is a fast street self-defence system, characterised to be a dynamic Martial Art with a quick application but with controlled offensive using all body parts including: grabs, angles and old forms of movement, pressure points, punches, kicks, weapons and a great fitness training in a traditional philosophy respectfully environment.

The Grand Master SOO NAM YOO is the president of the SIPALKI-DO World Federation. Soo Nam Yoo’s family dynasty named ION BI RYU holds the secrets since thousands of years ago of the ancient Sipalki-do that were derived from very old forms of Martial Arts with the feet, hands, head and also with weapons. Also Soo Nam Yoo is a Professor of Science Arts and Techniques of the Oriental Medicine; also he is investigating in Dactyl Puncture (finger acupuncture) with his knowledge including Acropuntura (acupuncture) and herb and body energy treatments

This old dynasty will continue with Master DAE WON YOO ( 7th.DAN), ION BI RYU President and the Grand Master’s son. Proof of this Martial Art dating back thousands of years can be found in Korean government records as well as archaeological Korean history.


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